JADE is a company that offers gamified therapeutic solutions for children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities / deficits.

Through the Jade Autism platform, we work on patients’ cognitive rehabilitation / habilitation, also providing an analysis of the child’s prognosis, assisting health professionals in decision making and monitoring their learning.



The set of exercises composed in the therapeutic software of JADE AUTISM, was planned according to the science of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and other techniques with strong scientific evidence of their results for the development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The activities found in the health platform are suitable for the cognitive habilitation / rehabilitation of patients with autism or other learning delays. Designed to remedy difficulties in sustained, selective, alternate, divided, auditory and visual attention skills.

In addition to helping in problem solving, in the use of strategic thoughts and in decision making, it can serve as a mediator in the process of learning skills and abilities, assisting professionals and parents in the treatment.
Developed by neurologists, psychologists and therapists, the Jade Autism Software also offers an analysis of patient performance and evolution. Through reports and graphs of prognosis, the therapeutic software allows specialists to have more practicality, agility and assertiveness when analyzing the responses of their apprentices. In this way, it enables new measures to taken from the analysis of these qualitative and quantitative data, capable of indicating, among other analyzes:


  • Improvement or decline in the child’s performance in general;
  • Assessment of the patient’s impulsiveness, motivation and resilience
  • Motor movement and dodge escape
  • Mapping difficulties and monitoring progress


Reference treatment centers in Brazil such as APAE and UNIMED, already use JADE AUTISM as a complement to their patients’ therapy. The health platform is also used in Europe, the United States and is currently being implemented in the United Arab Emirates.


Main advantages

– Developed with the help and support of specialized professionals and scientific background.

– Simple touch mechanism, facilitating the child’s understanding.

– It has different thematic fields separated by categories: food, animals, colors, shapes, letters and numbers allowing children to learn while having fun.

– Available in three languages ​​- English, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish


The subscription entitles you to:

– Free app for patients

– Web platform for patient monitoring

Recommended context:

Clinical, Educational, Neuropsychological and Therapeutic.


Recommended age:

Patients from 18 months


Usage Time:

Indicated by the professional who accompanies the patient or according to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.



No, the sciences and techniques used in the construction of Jade Autism are extensive. They can and should use in all professional work contexts to stimulate and develop patients with ASD, TDHA and other developmental delays.

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For questions and more information, please contact us by email: info@jadeautism.com

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