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JADE Autism is an app for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) that stimulates and develops children’s cognitive functions. Through association games with images that are part of every child’s daily life, JADE Autism enhances the cognition while playing.

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Exclusive portal for therapists

The portal uses data collected through patient interaction with the application and generates reports that indicate some of their difficulties. The data helps professionals to chart the best path for the patient’s treatment.

Dynamic and agile treatments

We also provide a patient development analysis, which helps the practitioner adjust treatments in a shorter time, bringing benefits such as faster and more appropriate child development.

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for patients

The app was developed for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) based on studies of the science of psychomotricity and cognitive development methods. The game uses stimulus equivalence and teaching by discrete trial, and through Data Science, analyzes user behavior. Being, this way, a support tool for home treatment.

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Jade Autism is a game that stimulates cognitive development, memory, reasoning, skills and performance, and generates reports on the child’s development while playing, providing valuable data for therapists in order to apply the best therapeutic plan and to act on the difficulties and deficiencies presented.

  • Game with therapeutic validation
  • Therapeutic support
  • Reporting
  • Data science
  • Constant updates
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What users say about Jade

“The application is an important cognitive rehabilitation tool that favors cognitive development and enables, from the platform, simple and effective monitoring of patient performance. Given the features offered by the app, I decided to research the effects of Jade Autism on the acquisition of basic cognitive skills in autistic children for a master’s degree dissertation.”

Joyce Kelly de Andrade Galvao – Vitoria (ES, Brazil)

Psychologist and Master’s student in Developmental Psychology at UFES

“The use of Jade Autism app in my practice provides patient tracking with graphs that offer a measure related to cognitive aspects worked by the game. Thus, the app is configured as a tool with clinical potential and that can benefit several development profiles.”

Gyovanna Mazzocco M. Azevedo

Vila Velha (ES, Brazil), Neuropsychologist

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