Autism: where to seek help?


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that requires early diagnosis. The earlier you seek help and autism is detected, the easier it is to manage the effects, which ensures greater well-being for the carrier. One of the ways to identify ASD is by observing the child’s behavior. Learn how to seek help.

In most cases, ASD can be noticed at school by the child’s teachers. In everyday life, educators are able to perceive these children’s difficulty with socializing, as well as other behavioral issues.


Most common signs of autism

Autism encompasses different characteristics, but common factors are communication and social interaction issues. Before seeking professional help, parents should be aware of this difficulty. Other symptoms that may be signs of autism are:

  • Mental isolation
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Elaborate and inflexible routines and rituals
  • Targeted and intense fixations
  • Low amount of facial expressions and gestures
  • Difficulty with looking directly at others
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Speech delay

Since it’s classified as a spectrum, some ASD cases are less noticeable because their patterns are less severe. Somo children have normal motor development, with subtleties behavioral inadequacy. While the most severe cases are easier to identify.


How to seek help and get an autism diagnosis?

Upon witnessing behavioral divergence, parents should take the child to a specialist. Among them are neurologists and child psychiatrists. These professionals act to confirm the diagnosis and guide parents toward the next steps.

Usually, for diagnosis, professionals conduct an interview with parents, to understand the child’s behavior. Some also resort to photos, videos and testimonials from teachers and educators. Some research points to autism as a genetic condition. That’s why professionals also seek to investigate other cases of autism in the child’s family.

Another form of diagnosis is with the use of assessment scales. They give greater objectivity to observation and help monitor the child. The responsible professional should be aware of screening scales, such as ATA (autistic trait scale) or M-CHAT (Modified-Checklist Autism in Toddlers).


Proper follow-up

Among the most suitable professionals for the treatment of autistic children are psychotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. However, all of them should be familiar with the situation, in addition to knowing the follow-up techniques.

A good professional must, above all, respect the child’s peculiarity. It is also essential that these professional are constantly updated on the subject.

In Brazil, there are specialized institutions dedicated to helping and treating autistic people. There are also Rehabilitation Specialized Centers, with professionals dedicated to diagnose and keep up with patients on the spectrum. All states have specialized centers certified by the Health Cabinet. There are 187 of them across the country.


What is Jade Autism?

Jade is a startup of therapeutic and educational solutions for the development of children with cognitive comorbidities such as autism. The company developed a game for stimulating the cognitive abilities of children on the spectrum.

It also has integration with therapeutic and educational software that help professionals in the health and education sector to monitor the evolution of children and define appropriate interventions and paths for treatment and teaching.

Do you have any doubts about where to get help? Do you want to learn more about the diagnosis of autism in children? Let us know and we will be happy to answer you. 

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