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Jade Autism

JADE Autism is an app for autistic that stimulates and develops the cognitive functions of children. Through association games with figures that are part of every child’s daily life, JADE Autism enhances playing cognition.

How it works


Research, research, research!

Jade Autism app is the result of a lot of studies done by professionals who develop ideas on a daily basis.


Time to

Parents and guardians download the app from the Google Play and Apple Store and offer children to learn by playing. For end users is a free app


Scientific Analysis

With state-of-the-art technology and scientific foundation, Jade assesses children’s use and performance to build meaningful statistics and developments through reports for parents and professionals to analyze.



With Jade Autism usage data in hand, professionals can assess children’s difficulties and skills, optimizing their time and the patient’s, which increases treatment effectiveness.


Exclusive portal for therapists, with reports that help professionals to chart the best path for patient treatment.

More dynamic and agile treatments with patient development analysis, which contributes to professional adjustments in the treatment in a shorter time.

App developed based on behavior analysis, psychomotor science studies and cognitive development methods, free for patients.

Jade analyzes user behavior. This becomes a supportive tool for home treatment.

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Jade Autism is an app for autistic that stimulates cognitive development, memory, reasoning, skill and performance, as well as reporting on children’s playing performance, providing valuable data for the therapists involved to apply the best plan. Therapeutic and act on the difficulties and deficiencies presented.

  • Game with therapeutic validation
  • Therapeutic support
  • Reporting
  • Data science
  • Constant updates