Autism: where to seek help?

  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that requires early diagnosis. The earlier you seek help and autism is detected, the easier it is to manage the effects, which ensures greater well-being for the carrier. One of the ways to identify ASD is by observing the child’s behavior. Learn how to seek help. In […]

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Autism diagnosis and the medical report

  The diagnosis of autism is a unique process for each patient. Although there are patterns of symptoms and behaviors, it is important to remember that the right professional and the right documentation help a lot. This is precisely due to the wide range of ASD signals and the importance of identifying patterns. As some […]

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Repetitive Behaviors: What is it and how does it affect children with autism?

  Repetitive behaviors are common signs of autism. However, those who do not know how the ASD patient expresses himself can misunderstand them. The phenomenon, which also occurs in people with other disorders and in neurotypical, manifests with repetitive and ritualistic actions. This is often the case when a person inhibited in stimulating environments, or […]

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Aggressiveness in Autism: How to Avoid?

  The relationship between aggressiveness and autism is one of the first warning signs that lead families to seek help for their children. This is because, among other signs of TEA, aggressiveness ends up highlighting and worrying adults, as the safety of their children is so important. In conjunction with other symptoms, such as difficulty […]

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